Modernized communication equipment enters service with Belarusian Army


Modernized communication equipment enters service with Belarusian Army

More than 600 new modernized samples of communication equipment entered operational service with the Belarusian Army in2017.

The possibilities of signalists were demonstrated to journalists in brigade No. 86 in Kolodishchi.

Among the presented equipment are modernized by Belarusian specialists complexes of the enemies’ communication suppression, of reconnaissance, unique developments of the Belarusian military industry –“Tsitrus” and “Muskat”.

The Belarusian army is considered to be the most equipped among the CSTO states.

The West 2017 military drills showed that the possibilities of Belarus today allow fulfilling military tasks within short timeframes. The operation staff was rendered the whole complex of services: a closed videoconference, passage of information, telephone communications.

Oleg Mishchenko, Chief Signal Officer of the Armed Forces-Chief of Signals Division of the general staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus:
This year the main challenge for us was the West- 2017 military drills. We managed to establish an expanded reconnaissance digital network of the Armed Forces communications. It allowed providing management at all the six ranges and two local platforms, where the troops were depleted.

It was the first time when we established an IP-network between the communication hubs of the regional forces. Today it can be said for sure that the communications forces are capable of rendering the entire complex of telecommunication services and providing management of the Armed Forces to the highest military-political authorities of the country.