Palace of the Republic celebrates 20th anniversary

Palace of the Republic celebrates 20th anniversary

The Palace of the Republic is celebrating its anniversary.

In the 20 years of its existence it has become one of the symbols of Minsk and one of the most recognizable buildings in Belarus. The images of the Palace can be found in books, on stamps and souvenirs, and the unusual architecture of the structure gets into the glass of photo and video cameras every day. The most responsible and important events are held here, including events with the participation of the President.

Piotr Volkov, director of the Palace of the Republic:
The event I remembered most of all 20 years ago was the Second All Belarusian People's Assembly. There were five days left till the event, and we had no chairs in the big hall and no furniture. There as a lot of dirt and dust. And then I thought to myself, if the collective holds this event at a worthy level, then we will live.

Alexander Lukashenko congratulated the staff members on the anniversary.

The President emphasized that it is the Palace that gives a worthy grounding for preserving further development of the best traditions of the Belarusian nation, it spiritually enrichens it, implants the feeling of something wonderful and pride for the Motherland to the youth.

Maxim Ryzhenkov, First Deputy Head of Presidential Administration of the Republic of Belarus:
Naturally, the Palace of the Republic also symbolizes the sovereignty of Belarus. Because from the moment Belarus achieved statehood, this building began to turn into the main social and political center of all events, which are held in Belarus.

The Presidential Orchestra has grand plans.

The performances of distinguished musicians will be broadcasted by the CTV channel in December. On December 6, 2017, the Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs tour will come to an end in the Palace of the Republic. For the first time in years of the program, the Belarusian artists will be accompanied by the Presidential Orchestra.