Mir TV Channel announces plans to switch to Ultra HD format

Mir TV Channel announces plans to switch to Ultra HD format

The inter-state television and radio company MIR is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The company has received congratulations from the Stolichnoe Televidenie channel and representatives of the Presidential Administration, ministries and departments.

The employees and the leadership of MIR's Belarusian office were given memorable gifts, letters and thanks.

The TV company was established in 1992 by the decision of the CIS heads of state. The aim was to cover the political, economic and humanitarian cooperation of the Commonwealth countries. Today this information project unites all countries of the former Soviet Union and broadcasts in four time zones.

Vladimir Pertsov, director of MIR's representative office in the Republic of Belarus:
When the Soviet Union broke up, there was no such common television as such. National channels and federal channels appeared. But there was no such television that would tell about the countries, the former republics of the USSR, where people's relatives live, where someone once served, was on business trips. Therefore, people had such a need.

MIR plans to expand the audience and create new programs, aimed at uniting the Commonwealth countries.

By 2019, MIR is going to switch to Ultra HD broadcasting.