Opposition protesting near Verkhovna Rada building in Kyiv: New Maidan looming?


Opposition protesting near Verkhovna Rada building in Kyiv: New Maidan looming?

Apparently, Saakashvili's time of governorship in the Odessa region was not in vain. Today Saakashvili demands the resignation of Poroshenko and calls on Ukrainians to the people's veche, and the protesters outside the building of the Verkhovna Rada insist on the abolition of parliamentary immunity, while others are simply unhappy with life.

If you today spread rumours that chestnuts on Khreshchatyk smell Stalinism, soon you will apparently hear the crowd chanting: "Chestnuts go!" Kiev is again disturbed by protesters, with invariable tents and skirmishes. A specter of Maidan is looming.

Alexey Volkov, correspondent:
Ukraine returned 3 years ago: again music, again songs, again shouting and, of course, tents. Hundreds of people daily not only live here, but also protest. This time, the trident of Ukrainian problems is the following: the abolition of deputy immunity, the reform of the electoral system and the creation of an anti-corruption court. These protesters all intend to achieve their goal, even if they have to stay here for several weeks.

Totally Hrushevskyi Street near the Verkhovna Rada is crowded: among several thousand people are ordinary citizens and representatives of those who have Ukraine in their hearts and the sun in the sky - ultra-right. However, everyone here is talking about another Mikhail - Saakashvili, who is kindly called here Mikho. Hence the name "Mikhomaidan". Among the people deprived of citizenship, the politician feels quite comfortable: people make selfie with him, hug and ask to save the country. Saakashvili promised to try.

Mikheil Saakashvili, the leader of "Mikhomaidan":
Now the Rada started voting. Now they are voting. People have much more claims to them. Therefore, after the requirements are met, people will gather and decide what to do next.

However, he is not the sole inspirer of the Kiev protests. A dozen other parties and people's deputies of the Rada even created a special chat in a messenger to coordinate the actions.

Alla, protester:
Soon we will have new parliamentary elections. If the system is not changed, we will use the closed lists to choose the same ones. We walk in a vicious circle. I took the vacation formally and will come here every day, as long as I need it.

Experts say that the tent city now reflects the entire Ukraine in miniature.

Tamara Venkovskaya, protester:
Everyone just became poor. I cannot buy or make anything now, I cannot repair anything. It's so unfair that we feel humiliated, just trampled into the mud.

Alena Krysin, activist of the political party "Freedom":
The leaders declare we need to remove immunity. I think that they should be dissolved altogether.


Alain Krysin:
Satans! Natural Satans!!! They steal insanely, you can't imagine!

"At least we don't have to pay for utilities!" is a popular joke in the tent camp. After all, Ukraine has recently raised tariffs by almost 300%.

Yuri Rugol, head of the patriotic-democratic bloc of the Cossacks of Ukraine:
We have sabers. If it is necessary and if they start shooting at us, we will defend ourselves.

So will there be a new full-fledged Maidan? No one knows now. The divisions are deep and in the center there is a whole sea of ​​opinions and contradictions. And even the Messiah of this new October Revolution - Saakashvili - is nothing more than a springboard for other deputies since elections are coming soon.

Ruslan Bortnik, director of the Center for Political Studies:
Nevertheless, the conglomerate that united around Saakashvili did not unite for Saakashvili - in no case! It united against Poroshenko. Saakashvili is an ideal leader for the opposition, no matter how paradoxical it may sound, an ideal opponent for the president.

From 2 to 5% is his current rating. Not the 70% or 50% he had when he came to Ukraine from the very beginning. The history of Saakashvili in Ukraine is the history of a political failure in reality.

The Rada apparently adopted a medical reform, which, in effect, cancels free treatment.

Yuri Levchenko, People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine:
Deputies do not support popular laws. Only thanks to the fact that there are thousands of Ukrainians here did the Rada not sabotage and support the abolition of immunity in the first reading!

Midnight is not far off, but it is the time of romance and additional tents near the hotel "Kiev". The police do not let them in.

Alexey Volkov:
This is a fine line between the police and the protesters. Any unnecessary movement may lead to a full-fledged clash, in which there may be victims and injured.

This old lady explains to the police they are wrong. But people demand solutions.

People's demands were passed on to President Poroshenko. He, in turn, urged the Rada to allow the law on the creation of an anti-corruption court. Nevertheless, the leaders of Mikhomaidan are preparing the Maidan of Reforms. Among the protesters is also the infamous right sector - they are not talkative people.

Meanwhile ordinary people want changes, but they are not sure that the “Ukrainian girl” will survive another dangerous dance and that the trident will not fall into three parts.