War in Afghanistan through eyes of writer Nikolai Cherginets

War in Afghanistan through eyes of writer Nikolai Cherginets

A writer, politician, Interior Ministry General, peacekeeping soldier, lawyer and a People’s Culture Figure is celebrating is anniversary this week. Nikolai Cherginets is 80.

Nikolai Ivanovich, the House of Writers is located at 5 Frunze Street. Is it a coincidence: one of you books is dedicated to Mikhail Frunze(Red Army commander)?

Nikolai Cherginets, chairman of Belarusian Writers’ Union:
No, it is not related to anything. The book was published a lot later. It was republished, translated into the Spanish and Bulgarian languages.

Why did his “Order No. 1” serve as a hitch, to unite the new appointment of Mikhail Frunze, alias Mikhailov, and his prototype in the book with the celebration of Police Day? This impression was made on the First Minister of Interior.

Nikolai Cherginets:
Mikhail Frunze could free political prisoners, take control over the Post Office, the railway and create police in one night.

Nikolai Cherginets is considered to be the founder of such a genre as a police detective. In the past he himself cleared many cases. He was the best agent of the city and the entire Soviet Union; he made a way from being an ordinary police worker to a lieutenant general of the police. Catching criminals inspired him. Impressive stories were the base of his future books.

Nikolai Cherginets:
My first book is called “The fourth footstep”. I was afraid to give it to anyone, it was written in untidy handwriting in writing books. It was sold in kiosks in the prospect. You come there and buy it for 15 kopeks, and it seems that everyone is staring at you.

There was time when Nikolai Cherginets was dreaming of becoming a sports commentator. His remarks on the results of the matches were published in leading editions. And he even had time to play football. Nikolai Cherginets was the only USSR football player with a red diploma of the higher school of coaches. He was a goalkeeper and a striker. However, his main battles were outside the football pitch.

Nikolai Cherginets:
Operation “Blood”. This book is about war, occupation. They destroyed all the industry of Belarus, killed every third person, established 260 death camps.

Nikolai Cherginets took the settlement of Syomkov Gorodok as a base of his book, where fascists during the Great Patriotic War experimented on children. Nikolai Cherginets remembers how bad it was in the 1940’s. When he was four, he returned to the ruined and occupied Minsk together with his family. There was nothing to eat and it was not safe. Under a cast iron plate at home they used to hide a Jewish girl who was an orphan. They saved her. When 47, Nikolai Cherginets got to another war.

Nikolai Cherginets:
Look: there are small lamps on the walls: 800 lamps with the names of every person who died in Afghanistan.

With a difference of just one hour, combating officer Cherginets and the mother of the soldier who is still alive on the pages of writer Cherginets will come to the Isle of Tears. Nikolai Cherginets paid international duty in Afghanistan for three years. He sometimes wrote down what he saw there. When he was in Kabul, his book “the Mystery of the Black Mountains” was published in Minsk, and then the book “Sons” was released.

Vera Koblikova, mother of peacekeeping soldier:
The surname there is Koblik, instead of Koblikov. We lived in Gorkogo Street. I used to give all letters to Nikolai Ivanovich, and when I read the book, I want to say that it is the most truthful book about Afghanistan.

Nikolai Cherginets stayed in Kabul for three years and even brought his wife and school girl daughter there.

Nikolai Cherginets:
If Kabul was shot 612 times in 1983, in 1986 it was only 8. The difference is huge. I am proud that I participated in it.

After Afghanistan, Nikolai Chergintes was reelected to the Parliament for three times, he took the lead of the Standing Commission on International Relations and National Security and even became a delegate of Belarus in the UN.

Mikhail Myasnikovich, Chairman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:
Nikolai Ivanovich always had convincing words so that even the so-called special reporters could listen to the words of the Belarusian side.

Lidia Yermoshina, Chairwoman of the Central Election Commission of Belarus:
Having such a wonderful service and literature list, considering all his merits and awards, he is very simple person. He has a quality which I value in people, especially in men-a sense of humor.

Nikolai Cherginets is sure that his main bestseller is yet to come!

Is your working day standard?

Nikolai Cherginets:
No. Sometimes people joke about me: “You are early leaving work”. But you are only going to deliver a speech at 6.