Saturday working campaign held in Kurapaty memorial complex October 21

Saturday working campaign held in Kurapaty memorial complex October 21

On October 21, 2017, cleanup activities were once again held in Kurapaty memorial complex. Representatives of Belaya Rus social organization participated in the campaign.

Teachers, pupils, workers of the Borovlyany forestry, and people whose relatives are buried in this grave. The activists collected rubbish and beautified the territory. Even the rain did not interfere with the work. Working campaigns of Belaya Rus in Kurapaty are carried out regularly. What is more, the organization actively participates in raising funds for setting up a memorial sign here.

Natalia Khankevich, senior nurse of the Republican Clinical Hospital for Veterans named after Piotr Masherov:
My grandfather was here during the repressions, and this is where he died. We are answering the call of our hearts. All of my colleagues-30 people from the hospital-

supported me and came her to clean up the territory here and pay tribute to the memory.

Mikhail Polovtsev, German language teacher at Minsk Secondary school No. 73, chairman of NGO “Belaya Rus”:
We regularly go to different territories and clean them up. We are not forcing anyone- people come themselves, they have a wish to participate in this or that campaign. I am pleased to see many young people participating.

Kuropaty is a memorial complex in a forest to the north-east of Minsk, where mass graves of people shot in the years of repression were found. The number of victims is still unknown; it may reach several thousand people.

It has been decided to make the place a national memorial of sorrow and memory.