President Lukashenko’s opinion on waste management in Belarus

President Lukashenko’s opinion on waste management in Belarus

President Lukashenko’s opinion on waste management in Belarus Another topic of discussion is that annually four million tons of solid waste is produced in Belarus.

A litter iceberg is a real problem of the modern society. The President demands to implement innovations and follow the experience of successful plants.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Annually four million tons of solid communal waste is produced in Belarus. According to the results of 2016, 84% of the waste has been buried, and only 16% has been recycled. As many as 168 ranges and 1.5 thousand mini ranges in villages are used In Belarus to burry waste.

More than 90% of them were built during the Soviet times.

We know what this ranges and mini ranges are. Flying over the country, I see it very well. A steel task has been set for the new Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Belarus to deal with those who are responsible for these ranges, and especially with those who build these ranges where it pleases them. What I mean is that they pollute forests, roads, roadsides and so on. You know what I mean. Take actions!

The power of these ranges today has been depleted, exploitation doesn’t provide safe storage of waste. The issue is especially topical for Minsk. At the range “Severnyi” in the period of its exploitation from 1981, as many as 25 million tons of waste have been buried there, which exceeds the standards by seven times.

And the mountain of waste is can now be seen several dozen kilometers before entering the city. And it is seen well from space as well.

This issue needs to be developed by a long-term program on recultivating and shutting down ranges, and also implementing new approaches to waste management. We do not have so much free land to build ranges and burry waste there. What is more, as the Prime Minister reported, you were shown the most modern samples and approaches to the issue. Efficient for those who wants it. Some businessmen contacted even me and asked to allow them to recycle waste near that deposit, it surprised me very much. I told them to address Mr. Shorets. I think that they solved the issue.

Scientists should get involved and say what is more viable: to burn rubbish and get energy from it or to recycle the major part of it.