Belarus President on optimization of housing heat supply

Belarus President on optimization of housing heat supply

Heat supply is the most expensive utility service. In winter this service “weighs” up to 30% of the total cost of the communal services.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Heat today is very expensive, tomorrow it will be even more expensive, and any optimization of boilers is beneficial for both consumers and the state. What is more, don’t forget about the planned replacement of worn out heating systems. If you do not do it in the required quantities, you will get big problems in the future, which our neighbors regularly face. Not only quarters, but entire cities freeze because of this in Ukraine and Russia. We cannot let even a single house freeze. I hope you heard me.

The problem of servicing communal infrastructure in rural areas is especially topical.

Also, the ministry needs to solve the issue of thermal modernization of residential buildings for the sake of savings. You have changed the approaches to this issue. The people appreciated this ambiguously. If people want to make warming more in volume than it is supposed to, then count the rest for them and let people pay the difference. Make an agreement with the builders, manufacturers of insulation and give installments so that it is not unprofitable. This is also a significant saving.

There are reserves for saving. First of all, the active usage of local kinds of fuel, secondly, the reduction of imported products. Gas, for instance. By the way, there is another interagency problem concerning heat and hot water supply. The unsolved issue is the unwillingness of producers to work directly with consumers. They say that economic performance may fall.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Not everything is fine with the usage of local resources. Inspections determine facts of wet wood usage as fuel.

It leads to the excess of its usage up to 65% and the reduction of boilers’ efficiency up to 30%.

However, it is not the issues of discussion today; we will return to the matter-intermediary structures when buying materials and when realizing ready products, especially state organizations. This issue will be paid special attention to. This is where all the corruption is. Everyone put into prison in the latest time; nearly all of them were caught on these problems. As soon as you start using mediators, law enforcement agents and inspectors will come to you. I firmly promise this to you.

Buying fuel from intermediary structures without competitive procedures also leads to increase of the heating energy prime cost. Such facts were determined in Polotsk, Brest, Skidel. Cases of big difference in the cost (double, at times)of wood fuel, bought by utilities services within one region, have been determined. Law enforcement agents are working there now as well.