President Lukashenko on Belarus' utilities services tariff costs

President Lukashenko on Belarus' utilities services tariff costs

Some 250 specialists on utilities services from all over Belarus gathered in the Palace of Independence on October 20.

The dialogue resulted in being efficient and rather concrete. It was postponed several times before (the President emphasized that there was no readiness for a constructive dialogue).

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
The population is mostly worried about the service costs. Among the disadvantages of the sector are also the terms of major house repairs, quality of drinking water, unsatisfying road conditions, bad street lightning, the maintenance of house entrances and yards, and many other issues.

In spite of demands, the problems of the sector are not solved till the end. And today we must discuss the objectively and in detail. 

The main issues is the cost of services, From January 1, 2018 the task for the Parliament and the State Control Committee is to determine all the services which are rendered to the people, and then report on their final cost to me. The tariff costs will be final and irrevocable under the conditions of miniscule inflation in the country.