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Signaller troops exhibition opens at Stalin Line near Minsk

A new exposition of equipment for the Day of Signaller Troops was opened in the historical and cultural complex "Stalin's Line". Among the exhibits are all kinds of equipment: from telephone and telegraph to space technologies. 

There are also unique ones. The first visitor received an original gift from the chief of the signalers troops of the Belarusian army.

Ко Дню войск связи в историко-культурном  комплексе «Линия Сталина» открылась новая экспозиция техники

Alexander Metla, director of the historical and cultural complex Stalin Line:
We replenish our collections with new priceless exhibits all the time. Veterans who served in the post-war period proudly remember who served in the communications troops.

Military communications are an integral part of the entire army's command and control system. Modern information and telecommunication technologies are introduced every year. The troops are successfully mastering new models of means and communication complexes.

Stalin Line is a complex perpetuating the victory of the USSR and Belarusians in particular in WWII. The complex often re-enacts battles of those days, like the Battle of Berlin.

Signallers troops exhibition opens at Stalin Line