Exercise at Belarusian NPP: How it unfolded

Exercise at Belarusian NPP: How it unfolded

A radiation exercise was conducted at the Belarusian NPP on October 19. Even the most incredible scenario was taken into account.

Such drills are mandatory in countries where nuclear facilities are being built.

A quiet village with a view of the NPP construction site - here is a brief description of Bobrovniki. 80 people live here.

Anna, one of local residents, learned about the exercises on the eve after the rescuers addressed to the local residents.

Anna Petrik, a resident of Bobrovniki village:
They handed out these things. They warned what to do during this exercise, told us not to worry.

The scenario was almost impossible in real life, but still it was necessary to work it out to comply with international requirements. According to a legend, there was depressurization at the plant. Radioactive medium was released into the atmosphere. Actions were practiced using a block control panel which is a simulator that mimics the real control panel of the future NPP.

A collective evacuation point was located on the outskirts of the village. The operation began after a massive public alert.

Tatiana Revizore, CTV:
There is also a medical center here. Residents received remedies, undergo iodine prophylaxis, and if necessary - sought help of a psychologist.

Evacuation is practiced within a three-kilometer radius of the Belarusian NPP.

The next stop is at the border of the "clean" and "dirty" zones. At a special control and distribution point, traffic is organized along the red and green corridors. Radiation control at the entrance determines the contaminated vehicles and sends them for treatment, then they again undergo a dosimetric check. People are also "cleaned", after which the group is sent to a temporary placement point. The injured are provided with medical assistance.

The events in the Astravyets district completed a two-day integrated exercise. Representatives of international organizations, including IAEA and CSTO, as well as diplomats, watched the drills.

Vladimir Semashko, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
This was a planned exercise of the Ministry of Emergency Situations together with the Ministry of Energy and other ministries and departments. They showed complete readiness, if, God forbid, something happens. Theoretically, anything can happen, and we must be ready for any surprises.

Therefore, those who participated in the exercises, both observers and guests - everyone noted a very high level of readiness for liquidation.

A series of exercises on the response to incidents indicates Belarus' strict adherence to the recommendations of the IAEA. This applies to all countries that are about to introduce large nuclear power facilities. And Belarus is not an exception.