Housing and communal services in Belarus need drastic improvement

Housing and communal services in Belarus need drastic improvement

Cost reduction, automation, the transition to modern technology and, as a result, improving the quality of housing and communal services are the matters discussed on October 19 in Minsk by participants of a seminar on improving the housing and communal services in Belarus.

A detailed discussion of the problems of the whole system and the search for ways of reforming in Belarus is long overdue. In 2016, a sudden winter-spring increase in tariffs caused many disputes after which the President demanded to economically justify the price increases.

The government was instructed to discuss the problems and prepare a list of proposals for reforming the housing and communal services system, reducing the costs of utilities and economically justifying tariffs for services.

Anatoly Kalinin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
A number of normative legal acts have been prepared, which in the near future will change the situation in the industry. This is the law on the Housing Code, five draft decrees of the head of state, which indicate an extended replacement of elevators, the Clean Water program - it may get the status of the state program.

Today Minsk is the leader in innovative projects in housing and communal services.

Participants of the seminars were shown some innovations based on the example of the most popular metropolitan services.

The contact center can now solve almost any problem from the relevant sphere in 150 seconds.

That's how much the operator's conversation with the client lasts on average. 150 lines work here at the same time processing about 6,000 calls daily.

Alexander Terekhov, housing and communal services minister:
The uniqueness of this system is that no application is left without attention. [...] We now think that a minimum set of emergency services must be provided even to partnerships of owners regardless of their desire.

The seminar is designed to run two days. On October 20, the Belarus President will take part in the plenary session. About 250 specialists have been invited to the Palace of the Republic to talk about the future of the communal system. The main task of the event is to develop new approaches to reduce costs and improve the quality of services that all people get. The best world practices and successfully implemented innovative projects in Belarus will be taken as examples.