Belarus' Kupalovsky Theater to go on China tour

Belarus' Kupalovsky Theater to go on China tour

The performance "Seagull" by the Kupala Theater will be shown in China. The famous play by Russian writer Anton Chekhov directed by Nikolai Pinigin will be presented in four cities in the PRC.

The Belarusian masters will surprise Chinese audience during three weeks. The troupe's decorations have already been delivered to China.

 Купаловский театр едет на гастроли в Поднебесную

It took about 2 months to transport them by sea.

Nikolai Pinigin, artistic director of the National Academic Yanka Kupala Theater:
We are interested in seeing how Chinese will perceive Chekhov in our interpretation. They are interested to see what Belarusians do.

We are always have titles on foreign tours - the screen, where we're doing online translation. We have an interpreter with us. There will be translation. We have already prepared it.

The Yanka Kupala National Academic Theater is an honorary member of the International League of Theaters Silk Road.

Today, it brings together more than 80 participants from 30 countries. The "Seagull" tour will be the first as part of this project.