Belarus can do anything it can for Cuba, Alexander Lukashenko says


Belarus can do anything it can for Cuba, Alexander Lukashenko says

Belarus is interested in creating joint ventures in Cuba and counts on the country's assistance in developing relations with other Latin American and Caribbean countries.

On October 19, the President received the Ambassador of Cuba at the Palace of Independence. Pharmacy was called one of the promising areas for cooperation. There is also an untapped potential in industry, agriculture, science, technology and education.

Relations between Cuba and Belarus have a strong economic and political foundation. As noted by Alexander Lukashenko, he expects to visit Cuba in the near future.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We have established quite good relations in economy, and we generally have no problems in politics. We have common views on the world agenda. We have practically no discrepancies on the issues that are on this agenda.

I would like to ask Cuba to support us in the same fashion also in terms of establishing closer relations with the friendly countries of the Caribbean and the countries of Latin America. We would very much like to have very good relations with them, of course, based on economic matters and trade. I think we do have something to offer those countries. As well as we did to our friendly Cuba.

And I would ask you to convey my warmest wishes to my friend Raul. I think that I will be able to visit Cuba in the near future.

I have a debt to Fidel - I must visit his grave and update the topics of our relationship.

Well, you should always know: if Belarus can do something for Cuba, we are always open and ready to do it.

The bilateral trade turnover in January-August 2017 amounted to almost $50.5 million. The top export positions of Belarus are trucks, tractors, tires and potash fertilizers.

To support contracts, the countries previously agreed on a credit line. At present it is almost fully finished and the next stage of financing is being agreed upon.