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Minsk Film Festival Listapad 2017 due under slogan "Truth, Love and Beauty"

Exactly 14 days remain until the opening of the annual major event in the field of cinema - the 24th Minsk International Film Festival "Listapad". What do we expect from it this year? Let's ask Igor Sukmanov, director of feature films program of this forum.

What is the exact number of participants?

Igor Sukmanov:
There were a lot of applications, plus we learned about some other pictures that could feature... We tried to make statistics. Somewhere around 500.

Are you obliged to watch all these movies?

Igor Sukmanov:
It is desirable, because it sometimes happens that what disappoints in the beginning, suddenly prepares a certain surprise in the finale...

The motto of the festival this year is: "Truth. Love and Beauty." I understand that these are external attributes that are valued. This is real art.

Igor Sukmanov:
The fact is that the movie, the image ... It is not always true. This is art. Art is images. Therefore, to some extent it is necessary to show difficult situations, sometimes intolerable situations. They can give us joy, because we enjoy the beauty of the image. We enjoy the love that the author has put into their work, their characters. Therefore - true love, true beauty... We will watch different movies: both complex and less complex. Light and deep. And very dramatic.

What stars do you expect?

Igor Sukmanov:
It is important not just to show the movie, but at the same time to give the viewer an opportunity to communicate directly with the authors. We want all the pictures that we bring to cause interest, cause some aftertaste, so that the viewer and the author become on the same page. Very often I remember Nabokov, who has a wonderful text: "Good writers are good readers..." So in directing: "Good directors are good spectators..." These are equal things.

What movie will open Listapad this year?

Igor Sukmanov:
I'm happy that we had the opportunity to open the festival with the film Arrhythmia by Boris Khlebnikov. This picture is about people who, despite everything, continue to work, continue to do a good deed. This is so well-made that it all inspires us with some hope.

Minsk Film Festival Listapad 2017 to be held under slogan "Truth, Love and Beauty"