Apply as volunteer for II European Games in Minsk


Apply as volunteer for II European Games in Minsk

Minsk will host the Second European Games in the summer of 2019.  Volunteers are already applying for jobs at the sporting event.

Discreet blouse and comfortable shoes. This clothing saves volunteers' health, because they have to spend on their feet more than 12 hours a day. Special clothing will also be given to volunteers, so that you can recognize them immediately.

Ksenia Vasilevskaya, a student of the BSU, in 2013 decided to plunge into the sporting atmosphere and debuted at the European Boxing Championships, which was held in Minsk.

Ksenia Vasilevskaya, candidate for volunteers for the Second European Games-2019:
To plunge into this athletic atmosphere, into this driving atmosphere, where there are plenty of athletes - pumped up, beautiful, young, ambitious, who seek to win all medals in our country. I wanted to see how it is from the inside. I've never been to boxing.

Now she is preparing for the II European Games in 2019. She has taken part in 19 international competitions held in the period from May 2013 to this day. This means that Ksenia did not miss a major tournament. 

Ksenia Vasilevskaya:
I have a three-page resume, I have a lot of experience, I have a lot of people with whom I communicate, with whom I met at the championships - both the leadership and the organizing committee. Therefore, I count on starting a career in a related field.

Ksenia knows exactly what the most common mistakes of beginner volunteers are.

Ksenia Vasilevskaya:
Volunteers have low self-esteem sometimes, despite they do know everything they need and they can translate everything. 

Another trick is to just smile to everyone. This is an Olympic load on the muscles of your face.

Ksenia says you should always be in a good mood. Since you are the face of our country, you cannot be late.

Minsk is preparing to host about 11,000 guests at the second European Games, and 6,000 are volunteers. With more than a year before the start, the organizers are already working without raising their heads. A volunteer's badge is awarded on competitive basis.

Nadezhda Yelsukova, manager for work with volunteers of the "Directorate for the II European Games-2019":
The basic working criteria is the knowledge of the language, communication skills and the desire to become part of this grandiose project.

Today's applications come not only from Belarusians, but also from Russians, British and Azeris, Japanese and Germans. Those who successfully pass the interview will begin an intensive training course in 20 areas.

Nadezhda Yelsukova:
In December, we plan that the first experts will come to us, who will conduct lectures. We will involve our Olympic academy, which has a huge experience in training. Of course, we must take this opportunity. Training at the facilities will take place with the first test events. And the first such event will be held in January.

The application can be left at http://www.minsk Registration will be open until April 2019. Interviews with the candidates for the first wave will begin in November. It is expected that the site of the II Eurogames will open in December. There every volunteer will get a personal page with all information.

Nadezhda Yelsukova:
Volunteers at the II European Games have education and lots of experience. I think that any sports federation in the Republic of Belarus will then gladly accept such specialists for certain positions.