Belarus to create more Chinese classes

Belarus to create more Chinese classes

There will be more schools with Chinese classes in Belarus. Today, hieroglyphs are taught in six institutions of the country. Meanwhile, Chinese are also studying Belarusian and Russian.

Without difficulties in translation, it remains to successfully cooperate in various fields - from economics to science.

Ninth-grader Arina Shevtsova has studied Chinese from the first grade, and now it's been already 9 years. Hieroglyphics are almost all familiar. She says Chinese is the language of the future. Perhaps, Arina will learn economics already in China.

Arina Shevtsova, a pupil of the 9th grade of secondary school No. 10 in Minsk:
I would like to study economy in the future. With regards to the language itself, the most difficult are sentence models, the words should stand in their place, otherwise the meaning of the sentence will be lost. And tones. It is difficult to remember the tone - how to pronounce the word correctly.

Experts with knowledge of Chinese today are more than in demand on the labor market. Yulia is a Chinese translator with 16 years of experience. She now works in one of the international companies. She takes part in business negotiations and translates letters and technical documentation.

Yulia Sarukhanova, PR-manager and translator of an international company:
Of course, this is a very complex language. Recently, I have translated entire software. We launched it in several schools in Belarus.

There will be more Chinese language classes in Belarus in the future.

Yaohua does not speak Russian well yet, but he is determined to learn it better. To this end, he and his colleagues came to Grodno. Establishing ties with the Russian-speaking regions of the West is a direct duty for a Chinese official. And here it is so important to find a common language with the partner.

Yaohua Chang, employee of the Office of External Relations of the Government of Gansu Province of the People's Republic of China:
I hope, in the future, we need to improve our Russian language and help stimulate cooperation between the province of Gansu and the Grodno region.

Victoria Khodosok, CTV:
By the way, some Belarusian ATMs have already "learned" Chinese. Now Chinese citizens should have much less problems in money affairs while in Belarus. The distance between Minsk and Beijing is about 6,500 kilometers, but as we approach comprehensive strategic partnership these kilometers mean much less than before.