Radiation safety drills underway in Belarus on IAEA recommendation

Radiation safety drills underway in Belarus on IAEA recommendation

A large-scale command and staff exercise to eliminate radiation threat began in Belarus. It is conducted on the recommendation of the IAEA.

The maneuvers simulate an almost impossible scenario of events. According to the legend, the participants will put out fires in contaminated areas. Representatives of all neighboring countries, as well as international organizations, are invited to observe the exercises.

According to the tactical plan, a number of emergency situations occur at the nuclear power plant. But this is only a legend. Such a scenario is impossible in real life. First, a transformer substation explodes. Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations use special equipment. It takes less than 5 minutes to cool the hot point.

De-energizing causes safety systems to fail. The reactor body is destroyed, then hydrogen explodes and radiation substances are emitted. The technical staff is under the rubble.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations staff is helped by the military and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as colleagues from Russia.

Nikolay Bogdanov, head of the operational department of the Center for Rescue Operations of Special Risk (Russia):
Your material base allows you to work out the entire range of liquidation of the consequences of any emergency situations. Excellent base, excellent specialists. We hope for further fruitful cooperation on this issue.

The fires are localized by rescuers according to the principle of layer-by-layer quenching with special solutions. Efficiency plus speed.

Maxim Slizh, CTV:
After use, the foam reminds of clouds or cotton candy. This chemical substance makes it possible to eliminate the fire in the shortest possible time.

Time in such circumstances is the main factor. Foreign observers and CSTO representatives paid attention to this. By the way, they saw a lot on the testing range for the first time.

Marcin, observer (Poland):
We saw that this is practically a better exercise. We in Poland are also do such things. We will return to our republic and tell our experts on chemical and radiation substances about your drills.

We hope that such a situation will never happen in life, but all services - fire services and the MES - should do such practical exercises, as we saw today.

In addition to special equipment and aviation, robots were used. As a result, in 15 minutes, all the five fires were eliminated.

Vladimir Vashchenko, Minister for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus:
The first facility completed at the Belarusian [nuclear power] station is a fire and rescue unit, which is fully equipped with the most up-to-date equipment and personnel, which has been training and participating in all exercises for more than a year.

Such scenarios, in accordance with international recommendations, are worked out by the countries where large nuclear power facilities are put into operation. Belarus fulfills all recommendations of the IAEA. Although such situations are virtually excluded in real life of the "peaceful atom". On October 19, the exercises will be held on the territory of the Ostrovets district and the nuclear power plant, where all emergency response systems and personnel will also be tested.