Radiation safety drills being held in Belarus

Radiation safety drills being held in Belarus

The planned drills on responding to radiation accidents have begun in Belarus. During two days specialists will drill their knowledge on protecting the population and land areas in connection with release of hazardous substances.

Such drills are an international recommendation for the countries which are building their own nuclear power plants. What is more, Belarus borders with countries which have nuclear energy. Therefore there is a necessity to carry out such drills in all regions.

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The Prime Minister has also stated that government decree has approved the strategy for radioactive waste management at the Belarusian nuclear power plant and the emergency response system is being improved.

It is necessary to say that the issues of security when launching the Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant are paid due attention. The launch of the first energy block at the Ostrovets Nuclear Power Plant is due in 2019.

Belarus says its NPP complies with IAEA requirements