Belarusian singer Gunesh named best vocalist at MakFest in Macedonia

Belarusian singer Gunesh named best vocalist at MakFest in Macedonia

The Belarusian singer Gunesh was named the best singer at the international MakFest contest in Macedonia, spokeswoman for the singer Olga Tunik said.

According to the decision of the organizers of the contest, the victory in the nomination "The best vocal of MakFest 2017" was awarded to Gunesh. This is a special prize of the organizers and directorate of the competition. A total of 30 performers from Macedonia, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria, Belarus, Azerbaijan and other countries took part in the 32nd international competition. The contest was held in the city of Štip.

The song in Belarusian, performed by Gunesh, is called "Heaven", wrote her composer Fedor Zhilyak.

"It seems to me that the audience was imbued with all the beauty and melody of the Belarusian language and could understand the meaning of the song, because our languages ​​have some similarities," Gunesh said.

For Gunesh, MakFest was a kind of return to the contest stage after the break, connected with the birth of her son. Gunesh began her creative career with international vocal competitions, where she repeatedly took first places and prizes. In 2013, she took second place at the international song contest Turkvision.

Currently, Gunesh continues concert activity and writes new songs.

For the first time the competition Makfest was held in 1986.