Famous Belarusian writer Nikolai Cherginets turns 80

Famous Belarusian writer Nikolai Cherginets turns 80

A well-known Belarusian writer, politician and combat officer Nikolai Cherginets celebrated his 80th anniversary on October 17.

Alexander Lukashenko has sent congratulations to Nikolai Cherginets on his birthday.

The President wished the writer to continue to please his readers with love of life, energy and the desire to be useful to people and the country.

The child of the war, Nikolai Cherginets came to Afghanistan when he was an adult. The events of those days formed the basis of such books as "The Mystery of the Black Mountains" and "Sons".

In addition, Nikolai Cherginets is called "the founder of the police detective genre". Today, the retired Lieutenant-General heads the Union of Writers of Belarus and still writes books.

Nikolai Cherginets was elected to the Belarus parliament three times and headed the Commission for International Affairs and National Security there. He was also a UN delegate from Belarus.