Pensions to increase by average of 5% in Belarus from November 1

Pensions to increase by average of 5% in Belarus from November 1

Labor pensions will increase in Belarus. The corresponding decree was signed by the President.

As a result of recalculation, pensions will increase by 5% on average.

Therefore, they will sum p to BYN 316 on average. Every payment increase depends on individual parameters. For instance, from the experience of work, bonuses and promotions. Belarusians will get new-tariff pensions in November.

Larisa Yashkova, deputy head of the head department of pension provision of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Belarus:
The recalculation will be done from November 1, 2017, and the pensions will be paid as usual. It means that the terms which are provided for every pensioner, and within the payment period (the payment period in Belarus begins from the fifth day of every month).

Therefore, every pensioner will get his recalculated pension on his day.

The decree will concern more than 2.5 million people. The payments will be made from the governmental non-budgetary fund. Additional expenses on pensions will sum up to about BYN 43 million per month. From August of the current year minimal labor pensions and social pensions increased in Belarus.