Belarus in Hollywood movies


Belarus in Hollywood movies

Did you know that Belarus has something to do with Hollywood? Well, it turns out Hollywood has many roots from Minsk, Bobruisk, Vitebsk, and Grodno. Belarusian blood flows both in the creators of the factory of dreams and in top-level actors.

A roaring lion is the symbol of the company created by a native of Minsk. Lazar Meir worked for a long time on the lion's share of what would later be called Hollywood, and invented what millions of people wait eagerly every year - the Oscars.

An actor from Belarus, Igor Sigov (Kupalovsky Theater), was nominated for Oscar for the main role in a documentary.

About ten years ago Hollywood film-makers did not know much about Belarus. This is testified by the film Terminal, where the documents of Tom Hanks are similar to Belarusian, but his name is clearly not pronounced with Belarusian accent (in fact the Belarusian part of the driving license holds the female name Gulnara, but the English one reads “Viktor”).

Now Hollywood is a bit more aware about Belarus.

Here Tom Cruise flies over Minsk.

In this Swedish video the main role is played by the Belarusian National Library, which became the headquarters of these superheroes.

Volya Dzemka is a young director who has been living in the United States for 10 years, but does not lose contact with her homeland.

Her film about Belarusian folk songs was awarded the platinum prize of one of the most important film festivals in North America.

Volya Dzemka, director (USA):
After the screening, Americans say that our songs are mega cool and thank. The cinema is affordable and open. This is how we can tell the world about Belarus.

Directors of the film about Belovezhskaya Pushcha also noticed the uniqueness of Belarus. The documentary was broadcast on Animal Planet, whose potential audience is about 2 billion viewers around the world!

Anton Sidorenko, a film critic from Minsk, believes that our country can also monetize its creative potential.

Anton Sidorenko, film critic:
The classical architecture of the center of Minsk is very convenient for films about Moscow. In particular, Independence Avenue: some sites are very similar to Tverskaya Street.

Different streets were shot to become Odessa in movies. Therefore, it is possible to make a tourist route called "Cinematographic Minsk", in addition to historical excursions, of course.

Minsk played dozens of roles in Russian movies. "The waiting room", "Crossroads", "Good and kind people live on this planet," "Big", the series "Thaw" - all this was completely or partially shot in Belarus.

By the way, Belarusfilm has recently undergone renovations increasing its capabilities and overhauling technical equipment.

Alexander Rydvan, Head of Cinematography Department of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus:
Belarus is turning into a good, open country for all parties who want to discuss something, who are looking for a neutral ground, but are interested in a positive resolution of some issues, disputes, conflicts. It seems to me that we are becoming a world-famous capital.

Many directors have already experienced this atmosphere. It is symbolic that the main sports dispute between the national teams of the USSR and Canada was resolved on the ice of Minsk Arena. The arena was used to shoot the key scenes of the film "Legend No. 17".