Belarus presents Olympics 2018 formal uniform


Belarus presents Olympics 2018 formal uniform

Two concepts of the Olympic formal uniform were shown on October 17 to the Belarus President. They were modeled for the Belarusian delegation at the Winter Olympic Games 2018 in Pyeongchang.

The first is a design by Yulia Latushkina and the sewing studio under the aegis of the Main Economic Department. A spectacular collection of this Belarusian designer adorned the Belarusian athletes at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Strict brown suits with white shirts and ornaments are underlined by bright red accents.

The second collection is from the designer Ludmila Labkova. It's developed jointly with Bellegprom concern. Here we see all the same color accents and combinations of colors, but a completely new and more athletic look.

Lyudmila Labkova, designer:
Gray color is the closest to Belarusians, it's the color of winter. And the ornament in this case has the form of a snowflake. Ornament's unusual. I took an ornament that symbolizes the mother and added elements that symbolize luck, success and yield. Ornaments in Belarusian culture have a very clear meaning and in this case I would like to apply the amulets and ornaments that will bring luck to our Olympic team.

 две концепции олимпийской парадной формы сегодня продемонстрировали Президенту

Light gray tones and red accessories - this is a recipe for creating a casual image from Lyudmila Labkova. The designer added national motives too. Both collections received a positive assessment of the President.

Nevertheless, it is the gray version, proposed by Lyudmila Labkova, that will be taken as the basis of the Olympic uniform. The President asked to sew all the costumes, from both collections, and sell them at major department stores in Belarus.