Sergei Naryshkin about unique format of Belarus-Russia special services’ cooperation


Sergei Naryshkin about unique format of Belarus-Russia special services’ cooperation

Alexander Lukashenko emphasized the successful cooperation of Belarus’ and Russia’s Intelligence Services on protection of national interests.

The issues of security were discussed by President Lukashenko together with the head of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service. It is being chaired by Sergei Naryshkin from October 2016. He is famous as an experienced politician. For some time he worked in the government machinery, was the head of the Russian Federation Administration and the State Duma. He is well acquainted with the development of the Belarusian-Russian dialogue. And he has always supported the Union State format. Today integration successfully develops in the economic, social, cultural sectors, in the sector of security and defense.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
I am pleased to meet you as with a good friend, with whom we worked a lot in creating and strengthening our Union State. You are, as they say here, a vocal supporter and adherent of the form of existence of our brotherly states. I value it a lot. You are in charge of a very important structure. There is nothing to hide, we cooperate tightly. I am constantly informed about all these issues. I am grateful to you for cooperation of our intelligence services on protecting our interests.

Again, there is nothing to hide here, though it is not a public organization. We protect interests of our states and people, just as special services do in any other country. Nevertheless, there are issues concerning action coordination, adjustment of directions of joint work on the protection of our interest. Today we have a possibility to discuss these issues.

Today Minsk hosted the meeting of Belarus’ KGB and the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia was held in Minsk. As Sergei Naryshkin stated, it is a unique format of cooperation of two special services, which talks of trustful relations.

Sergei Naryshkin, head of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service:
We are allies; we are in one battle on the political union. Therefore we simply must work together. Together with Alexander Lukashenko we discussed cooperation issues today. Presidents Lukashenko and Putin support the closest cooperation of special services. It is understandable why. Our countries face mutual threats-international terrorism, cyberattacks, and information criminality.