World Bank ready to finance online population census in Belarus

World Bank ready to finance online population census in Belarus

Many participants of the trial population census in the Molodechno district are in favor of online questionnaire.

Nearly 15 thousand people were questioned. Less than 2% refused the questionnaire, which is ideal according to international standards.

Population census papers have been replaced with tablets. It proved to be effective. The electronic application form is filled three times quicker than usually. As for the questions, the majority of them were understandable to the population. What is more, some people had difficulties answering questions concerning employment and agricultural activities. These issues will be amended.

Inna Medvedeva, chairwoman of the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
The Statistical Committee managed to fulfil all the tasks set. We determined the pressure on one population census worker, with the methodological and organizational issues, which we are going to be perfecting today and building a calendar plan and graphics of their realization. We have finalized with the usage of tablets and understood that it is a big plus. In my opinion about 30 %(a bit less, may be) will be ready to do the population census through the internet, and it was surprising that people in villages were saying that they will fill in the population census form online with great pleasure.

The questionnaire was held both at home and at population census stations. The workers of the Statistics agencies were involved in the trial population census.