Italian delegation on charity mission in Belarus

Italian delegation on charity mission in Belarus

A delegation from Italy is on a charity mission in Belarus.

The vicar of the Catholic Archidiocese of Cagliari and the assistant to the President of the autonomous region of Sardinia on international cooperation visited a center for children with oncological illnesses.

The money earned y the Belarusian dance ensemble “Rovesnik” from the concert in Cagliari will be transferred here. The performance of Belarusian young artists was held there thanks to the support of the Italian side. The funds will go for the support of families, which live in the social rehabilitation center and the support of the center itself.

Francesco Pudu, vicar of the Catholic Archidiocese of Cagliari (Italy):
Sardinia is a special region for improving health, thanks to its climate. We have a tradition to help children with serious illnesses. Many children spend the summer at the seaside and recover after treatment or they come for preventing illnesses.

Andrei Zhilevich, director of Religious Charitable Mission CARITAS of the Conference of Catholic Bishops in Belarus:
This help is important for us because it is another step which unites people. Of course, it can be said that it is something material, and material things always unite. We speak about spiritual things. However, material things are necessary to keep up the structure and this very center. Therefore, it is better to help children more efficiently.

The foreign guests have a fruitful program, a cultural program as well. This week is the week of the Italian language in the whole world. Many events are planned in Belarus as well.