Trial population census in Molodechno involves cutting edge technologies

Trial population census in Molodechno involves cutting edge technologies

Older people received new technologies well during the trial population census in Belarus' Molodechno. The Belarusian Statistics Committee announced the preliminary results of the trial population census on October 16.

The campaign was held in the Molodechno district from 2 to 13 October. During the allotted time, specialists tested methods that will then be used during the national census in 2019. Almost 15,000 people were interviewed. Less than 2% rejected to partake.

The main innovation of the campaign was switching from paper questionnaires to tablets. The novelty justified itself completely. The time taken to fill out the questionnaire in electronic format took an average of 5 minutes per person. This is 3 times faster than when filling in the papers. Questions - there were 49 of them - were mostly understandable to the public.

Inna Medvedeva, Chairwoman of the National Statistics Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
We answered all the tasks assigned to the statistical bodies. We determined the load on one person, we decided on the methodological provisions, we also sorted out organizational issues.

We decided on the use of tablets. We realized that this is a big con in conducting the census. Probably about 30 percent (maybe a little less) will be ready to take the survey over the Internet, because it was really amazing when aged people also said they would be ready to take part in the census over the Internet.

The survey was conducted both at home and in stationary areas. Staff of state statistics committee was employed in the trial census.