Belarus among top countries favorable to motherhood

Belarus among top countries favorable to motherhood

In recent years, Belarus has been among the top countries that are favorable to motherhood.

Belarusian doctors have learned to take care of infants with a critically small weight.

The Meleshevich family is like a children's pyramid: each ring is a member of the family. Dad, older children and three kids. But mom is the basis of everything. She is holding the entire family on her fragile shoulders.

Anna Meleshevich, mother of many children:
I'm happy that I have so many children. When you are met by five pairs of eyes, and when they embrace you... These embraces return everything that you put into them.

Despite having so many children, Anna still finds time for work. Anna is a practicing psychologist and a volunteer of the center for support of family and motherhood.

Anna Meleshevich:
I have a day when I dedicate to younger children, some days to older children, there are days when I dedicate time only to work. So I manage to combine family and work. And, of course, there is time for myself, too, because it is important.

On the eve of Mother's Day, October 14, Anna received the Order of the Mother. But the woman admits that the kids is her most important reward.

Tatyana Krasnikova lives in Borovlyany near Minsk. She is a sos-mother. Now she has five in the family. The woman brought up 19 children during her difficult but selfless "career". Some children grew up and walked their own way and new ones appeared. Tatiana tried to give a piece of her warmth to each child. Today she already has four grandsons.

Tatyana Krasnova, mother-educator, children's SOS village in Borovlyany:
I've worked as an SOS-mom for 22 years, it turns out. When I graduated from the university, I learned that a children's village was opening in Borovlyany.

Sasha Popkova used to grow up in this house. Now she is already a mother. The girl now is an assistant teacher in the children's village in Borovlyany.

Alexandra Popko, teacher, children's SOS village in Borovlyany:
For me, mom is everything. This is my angel, this is my savior, this is my friend, this is my best girlfriend. In a word, it's Mom. Despite we are not relatives by blood, for me she is the closest and the most loved person.