Belarusian soldier found dead in Pechi military unit. Investigation underway

Belarusian soldier found dead in Pechi military unit. Investigation underway

Now let's talk about a resonant event of this week. The facts connected with the death of private soldier Alexander Korzhich in the military unit near the Pechi village must be studied to the smallest detail. None of the perpetrators will evade responsibility - this is the stiff position of President Lukashenko.

On Friday, the head of state held a meeting with law enforcers, as well as reviewed a number of criminal cases and operational and investigative materials against some leaders of the republican and local levels. Chiefs of the operational and analytical center of the Republic of Belarus were dismissed from their posts by the President's decision in connection with inconsistencies revealed in their work by the commission established on behalf of the President.

September 26, 10:30am. The military unit near the Pechi village. Private Alexander Korzhich gets to the medical unit... and disappears. What happened to the guy is unknown. Only on October 3 his body was found in the basement of a medical company. Now the Investigation Committee is considering 3 versions and 2 criminal cases were initiated immediately.

Sergey Kabakovich, official representative of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
The following versions are being considered.

The first is bringing to suicide of private Korzhich, because of harassment of the young soldier - violence, bullying, extortion or taking away from him personal consumption items, money or property.

The second is the assassination of private Korzhich based on personal hostile attitudes, for mercenary motives, as a result of possessing information that compromises other military personnel.

The third is the suicide of private Korzhich as a result of psychological trauma.

It is known that the position of the President on this issue is so strict that none of the perpetrators will be able to evade responsibility. This case is under personal control of the head of state, the progress of the investigation is reported to him several times a day.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Today I would like to discuss certain offenses in our country in this composition, including at the highest level, including those related to corruption. And, before making any decisions, I would like to hear these problems and answers to questions about these problems from some of those present here. I once promised that we would meet in such a composition, so that there are no rumors and lies. And once again I stress that before making decisions, I am ready to listen to your position. If necessary, I will listen to everyone.

Following the results of the meeting, the President adopted a number of personnel decisions, including the removal of the management of the operational and analytical center until the end of the investigation. The check was also carried out by the Ministry of Defense, where personnel decisions on the case were also taken.

Vladimir Makarov, Head of Information Department - Press Secretary of the Main Directorate of Ideological Work of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus:
By order of the Minister of Defense, five officials of the 72nd Joint Training Center were suspended from their posts, four officials were dismissed from the Armed Forces.

There are still many questions regarding the case of the death of Alexander Korzhich and much information which is simply hard to believe.

Sergey Kabakovich:
Commanders abused power, which was expressed in the acceptance of money from conscripts for unlimited use of telephones. A decision was made to open a criminal case against the sergeant-major of the company, a praporshchik who, abusing the trust of Korzhich, stole at least BYN180 from his bank card.

The commander of the military unit where Alexander Korzhich served was retired. Praporshchiks and sergeants are facing up to 12 years of prison. Alexander was only 21 when he died.