"We are always waiting for you": Days of Minsk take place in Moscow

"We are always waiting for you": Days of Minsk take place in Moscow

Moscow loves Belarusian goods... From sausages and shoes to songs of soul and beauty, for which Russians usually come to Minsk for weekends. The days of the Belarusian capital were held in Moscow.

An exhibition of Minsk took place at the Museum of Moscow showing 950 years of the history of Minsk - from the sculptures of Zhbanov in miniature and the modern look of the city to the facsimile of the Radziwill chronicle and other rarities.

Irina Smagina, Head of the Department of International and Regional Programs of the Museum of Moscow:
We have here an online movie about Minsk - the city that is being updated and absolutely amazing modern buildings are added. And at the same time, history is preserved.

The history of the Belarusian capital is represented in the Museum of Moscow for the first time. This exhibition has already expanded the list of associations with Minsk.

Irina Smagina:
This is a cozy trolleybus, these are little TVs. Unfortunately, we have not brought refrigerators. Many visitors ask: "Where is the famous refrigerator "Minsk", which still stands in apartments of many Moscow residents?"

However, there was no lack of Belarusian food products in Moscow last week. People travel across the entire Moscow to get to the Belarusian food fair.

I came from another district, through the entire Moscow, to visit your fair. We track on the Internet when it arrives and always come.

I really like your products. I bought sausages. You have wonderful flax and towels.

I'm wearing a Belarusian coat and a Belarusian sweater. For many years I've been using Belarusian products, because I really like the quality of Belarusian products and patterns.

I came from Tushino to Novye Cheryomushki - across the entire Moscow - and look at how old I am!

Residents of the neighborhood Novye Cheryomushki say they would not mind having a full-fledged supermarket with Belarusian goods.

We are always waiting for you, because we have been living here for a long time, and you have been coming to this square for a long time, and we always buy from you.

All Belarusian products are tasty, I like them, I adore them!

Great and the price is good! Excellent shoes!

Vladimir came from another region to Moscow. He is really interested in mini-tractors.

Vladimir, visitor of the fair:
Belarusian quality is the key to success in the development of a small business.

We accidentally went to Red Square, and we saw people singing. We came and saw the fair. It is very interesting.

Belarusian treats, exclusive products and handmade souvenirs. Days of Minsk in Moscow were held for the second time, but this time the scale of the fair was unprecedented.

Sergei Cheremin, Minister of the Government of Moscow, Head of the Department of Foreign Economic and International Relations:
You produce agricultural products according to GOSTs (state standards) which were approved in the Soviet Union. There are no additives, no impurities. All this is very tasty! The food is very famous, it's of high quality. And thanks to Belarusians who supported us during sanctions and increased the supply of agricultural products to Moscow.

Every 10th kilogram of food on Moscow shelves comes from Belarus. And appetites are only growing. According to a recent agreement, Moscow will purchase 300,000 tons of Belarusian meat, butter, cottage cheese and vegetables in 2018.

Sergei Sobyanin, the mayor of Moscow:
Turnover in 2016 increased by 1.5 times, in the first half of 2018 by another 40%. Food supplies from Belarus to Moscow are increasing. They have almost doubled in recent years. Muscovites love these products: it is quality and quite affordable.

Dynamic trade is not the only thing that connects Minsk and Moscow today. New bridges for cooperation were outlined in Moscow last week.

Virtual attractions, man-made landscapes and floating bridge. The new grand park "Zaryadye" was visited by a million people in just a month. Not a bad income for the capital. The Minsk authorities are also interested in such a large-scale recreation zone.

Andrei Shorets, Minsk Mayor:
Every year, when we come to Moscow, we see that Moscow is changing, Moscow is getting better. And we have something to say to each other. Our ties will become even stronger, and the relationship between the two cities will become even closer, and we will develop more dynamically.

So, the metro station "Minskaya" was opened 2017, while Belarusian metro builders are actively involved in the construction of the Moscow subway. Moscow is the top buyer of Belarusian communal equipment (in terms of volume), and now there is interest in the Belarusian electric buses.

Doctors of the two capitals plan to exchange experience in transplantology, organization of work of city hospitals and introduction of modern technologies. It is necessary to activate tourist flows in both directions and conquer foreign markets together.

Sergei Rekeda, Director of the Information and Analytical Center for the Study of the Post-Soviet Space of the Lomonosov Moscow State University:
In the current economic conditions, when there is a fight for world markets, we need to pay attention to where we can jointly fight for our piece of the world market. This is, above all, technological cooperation, the development of fundamental science, and monetization of these achievements.

Cultural cooperation is not left aside.

Belarusian songs are distinguished by their sincerity and melodiousness. Remember these famous songs from the repertoire of the Pesnyary ensemble. That is, there are a lot of unifying cultural aspects between Russia and Belarus.

Oleg Lebedev-Bovolsky, actor:
I love Minsk very much, it's a very nice, clean, beautiful city. I am always glad to be in Belarus and in Minsk first of all.