Recep Erdoğan on relations with USA


Recep Erdoğan on relations with USA

The traditional partner and ally of Azerbaijan is Turkey. Sometimes they say about these two countries: one nation and two countries. Just as Belarus and Russia, Azerbaijan and Turkey hold joint military drills. There are many other situations when they support each other in international structures and so on.

This is only a small bridge to move onto the next subject. Today Ankara is arguing with Washington, cannot agree with the EU, and has imposed restrictions on food supplies from Russia.

This is violation of diplomatic immune system Turkey is behaving badly! This is what Washington has been saying for many days due to the events happening in Istanbul.

The police have arrested three workers of the USA consulate. They are suspected in spying. The White House thought that attack is the best form of defense… and they prohibited issuing visas.

John Bass, USA Ambassador to Turkey:
We will leave out difficult issues in our relations with Turkey-the governments are conducting the dialogue. We want to push Turkey forward so that the situation calms down. We have nothing to hide, and we are asking for the same from the partners. None of the consulate workers are spies, they were not collecting information.

The USA is not happy that Turkey is not recognizing Kurdistan, the USA is not happy that Turkey is bringing things to order after the unsuccessful riot in 2016. Basically, the USA is not happy that Turkey has its own opinion. The resilience of Recep Erdoğan is a real queen in the geopolitical game in the Middle East.

Recep Erdoğan, President of Turkey:
They are trying to kill Turkey from the inside and the outside. Our country is like a lion with no claws, which they are trying to make a pet. Those who are used to the old Turkey, do not want to see powerful Turkey. However, we are not a wild tribe. We are the Turkish Republic. You either accept it or we do not need you.

The current situation caused a real paradox: the world hegemon , having argued with Ankara, will lose the region for itself completely. Turkey is the south wing of NATO and gates from illegal migrants. If Turkey breaks the key in halves, the migration crisis would turn into migration apocalypses.

By the way, the situation with Kurdistan is another example of double politics: the Pentagon openly sells arms to those, whom Recep Erdoğan calls terrorists. However, a referendum for independence was held there not so long ago, and a country built on arms and militants is a dangerous neighbor. And it is an alarm bell: the region may be divided or a new war may occur.

The food supply issue with Russia has once again risen. There are multiple points in the realtions with the EU-Ankara is not eager to get there anymore, because Recep Erdoğan his own clear position.

The President of Turkey is often called a politician with neoosman ambitions. But they are no more than a battle for a place under the sun.