Belarus, Azerbaijan to focus on regional cooperation


Belarus, Azerbaijan to focus on regional cooperation

The strengthening of the role of the parliamentarians in the work of integrational unions and in the development of bilateral relations. The prospects of Belarus-Azerbaijan relations were discussed on October 13, 2017 in the Palace of Independence.

Alexander Lukashenko met with the chairman of Milli Mejlis of Azerbaijan. In 2017 the commodity circulation of the two countries summed up to nearly 100 million dollars, by doing that, the tendency of decreasing the mutual commodity circulation was overcome. The bet here is made on the support of parliamentarians for further development of economic growth. During the meeting issues discussed in Sochi among CIS leaders were touched upon.

In 2018 Belarus and Azerbaijan will be celebrating 25 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations.

The meeting of Alexander Lukashenko with the chairman of the Azerbaijani parliament was in a way a result of the Days of Azerbaijan in Belarus.

Parliamentarians are an important instrument for the dialogue and control over the made decisions in intergovernmental forms. During the last CIS and EAEU summits in Sochi Alexander Lukashenko spoke about strengthening the role of deputies.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The mass media interpret my statement on the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly differently. As if Belarusians are for dispersing it, although we were the initiators of the strengthening of the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly's role. And if it works as it does now, just discussing things... It's good that they meet and discuss, but there must be an effect from this. We suggested: we must strengthen the Parliamentary Assembly of the CIS, if we leave it. We know how to strengthen it. Because parliamentarism in the world is known for a long time. Forms and methods of work of parliaments are known for a long time. Choose any and adapt to the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly.

In my opinion the IPA CIS should have such a dimension as monitoring of the adopted decisions of the heads of state and government.

We lack it. And in this regard, there is a need for closer contact with departments, in this case the CIS.

Why not for a certain minister or the head of the council of foreign ministers, state security come and report to a deputy what further actions we are going to take, on the main threats, how decisions are fulfilled. I think that the parliament should have certain functions to make decisions.

As for the economy, Belarus and Azerbaijan are planning to make an accent on regional cooperation. The positive experience with Russia and Caucasian region is a proof of efficiency. The recently opened trading house of Azerbaijan in Minsk will play its positive role in strengthening of trade relations.

Alexander Lukashenko:
We have many directions of cooperation. We are together with you in the Caucasus, together with Uzbekistan in Central Asia have the most advanced relations. We absolutely trust one another. We come to you, establish joint plants and we are not afraid that we will be left tomorrow. What is more, we are the stage of creating joint plants and trading with third countries. We are going further together with you to the south, the east. And we will hold to this policy in economy.

Ogtay Asadov, chairman of Milli Mejlis of the Azerbaijani Republic:
You policy is social, you think about the people, therefore you have such close relations. Our people always keep an eye on you. When you were visiting Azerbaijan last year and you were awarded the Order of Geidar Aliev, you said warm words about Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani people. It is a stimulus to deepen all-kind of relations with Belarus. It happens to be so. Belarus and Azerbaijan have special relations.

The presidents of Belarus and Azerbaijan constantly exchange with official visits. Every time these visits give an impulse to trade and economic cooperation.

Not so long ago a new goal was set in mutual commodity circulation- to increase it to 700 million dollars.

Yevgeny Gorin, CTV:
More than 70 representing Belarus companies work in Azerbaijan. An assembling plant of tractors and automobile machinery has been set up on the base of the Ganja Auto Plant.

There are also four Belarusian supermarkets in Azerbaijan. The question of preserving joint plants on producing medication, home appliances, lifts and agricultural equipment is being discussed.