Belarus holding exercise to practice response to radiation accidents


Belarus holding exercise to practice response to radiation accidents

Belarus has invited representatives of all neighboring countries, as well as international organizations, including the IAEA and the CSTO, to watch the exercises aimed at practicing response to radiological accidents. It will be held in different parts of the country and on two border crossings.

The active phase of the exercises will take place in Ostrovets District on 19 October. In particular, a warning system at primary rescue operations will be checked. In doing this Belarus operates in accordance with the IAEA recommendations.

Dmitry Mironchik, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of Belarus:
For the Belarusian nuclear power plant, during an accident under the design, the release of radioactive substances will not occur outside the station platform. Nevertheless, in accordance with modern approaches, countries should be prepared to act beyond the basic scenario. As noted by the emergencies ministry, the purpose of the exercise is to check the readiness of the national system of rapid response and adapt the national plan for the protection of the population from emergencies to the current and future realities. In addition, a number of other issues, including cooperation with neighboring countries and international organizations, will be studied in detail.

In addition, by the end of October Belarus will send to the European Commission a national report on the total stress tests on the Belarusian NPP. The results showed that the Belarusian nuclear power plant is resistant to extreme influences.