Belarusfilm film studio completing renovations

Belarusfilm film studio completing renovations

Belarusfilm is completing the renovations. The old areas have been overhauled, a new building has been built, and the technical side has also been modernized. The Belarusian "factory of dreams" should become one of the most modern and perfect in Europe.

Anastasia Dekhtyar, CTV:
Here it is - the real backstage of the renovated Belarusian film factory. This plywood house will remain behind the scenes. This is the famous interior of the police station and here is where the famous dog Mukhtar's favourite place.

In a couple of weeks, the filming of the new season of "Return of Dog Mukhtar" will start here. Reservations for this place were made for one year. The scenery for the series was built in the new pavilion of Belarusfilm.

Yuri Osokin, head of the department of decorative and technical structures of the National Film Studio "Belarusfilm":
Before the renovation we had some everyday problems in the old building. Life for the crew should be at a higher level. Now you can come in and feel comfortable.

Russian director Valery Todorovsky feels the comfort and quality. Belarusfilm will be the filming site for the cinema drama Bolshoi (Big). Scenery for the Vagankovo ​​School, a hostel, and even an opera house are here ready for filming.

The renovations have been on since 2009. Now the finishing touches remain. Three old pavilions occupying 2,500 m2 of space were overhauled, a large building with warehouses, workshops and two new shooting pavilions was built from scratch.

Tatyana Malinova, head of the warehouse of the National Film Studio "Belarusfilm":
Suits here are stored in special conditions: no dampness or mold, it's dry.

Igor Porshnev, Director General of the National Film Studio BelarusFilm:
We now have a serious digital studio, where computer graphics and color correction are made. Everything is modern and meets modern requirements of both television and feature films.

The "film factory" will become one of the most modern and perfect sites in Europe. Producers and directors from Italy, Germany and Russia come to visit it quite often, staff say.