Alexander Lukashenko criticizes Eurasian Economic Union's efficiency


Alexander Lukashenko criticizes Eurasian Economic Union's efficiency

Strengthening cooperation in combating terrorism and corruption, creation of a united system of air and space defense in the CIS and support of traditional family values.

These and other decisions were made on October 11 during the meeting of CIS leaders in Sochi. The meeting of leaders began from protocol events. Vladimir Putin greeted the heads of delegations, then mutual photographs were taken.

Negotiations were held in a narrow circle first.

As Alexander Lukashenko emphasized, concrete actions should be made, first of all in the economic sector, to prove the relevance of the CIS. The aim of every region is mutual openness of markets. Therefore, in the nearest time it is necessary to solve several issues: provision of equal conditions o access to state procurement and creation of a free trade zone of services. The President has also criticized the actions of the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
We need to honestly look at these structures, especially at the parliamentary structure. May be I am not so involved in the process, but it seems to me… Frankly speaking, we,ourselves, make decisions on the level of CIS leaders, but we don’t always realize them. And the decisions, look at them, these decisions are not of our level-some claims and so on. Therefore, I spoke in contradiction to this about serious issues of trade relations, security.

If this structure doesn’t work, may be, if radically, to give it up? However, we made suggestions: if we are going to leave it, let’s give it certain powers. I think that we are adopting some model laws, but I do not know at least one law in Belarus and in other countries to be in the national law system. It never happened before. It turns out that deputies gather in St.Petersburg, they discuss something, speak about things. Even we do not know, because it is not in demand.

I am saying it because we need to take the issues of structures, payments seriously. There are many authority officials, but there is no point in it.

Let’s bring up these issues and make decisions. We make out that everything is fine, we gather, make announcements. However, in reality the efficiency is very low. May be we should determine a circle of specialists, who will objectively be suggesting serious reforms to us or reconstruction of CIS activities.

According to President Lukashenko, similar problems exist in the Eurasian Economic Union.

After the negotiations in a narrow circle, participants of delegations joined to the leaders. All in all there are 17 issues on the agenda of the summit - it it is development of investment ties, elimination of existing barriers on the way of trade and services circulation.