Celebration of harvest festival Dozhinki 2017 in Smolevichi

Celebration of harvest festival Dozhinki 2017 in Smolevichi

A full man is a kind man. Belarusian people reaped a good harvest this year. The national harvesting festival Dozhinki was held in Mogilev and Minsk regions on October 7.

Heroes of harvest work were honored in Klichev, Mogilev region. They marched across Leninskaya Street. 

The sculptural composition Plenty’s Horn was set as a symbol of welfare in the regional center. A sporting event was organized on the occasion of the European Olympic Games, which will be held in Belarus in 2019. Domestic animals were also included in the program of competitions to lift people’s spirit. A memorial sign dedicated to military journalists of the Mogilev region also appeared in Klichev.

The Minsk region is a traditional leader in harvesting grain crops. It forms the biggest piece of the “national loaf of bread.”

The harvesting festival indulges the soul with creativity (for example, gingerbread chess and fun in the style of the brilliant Oktoberfest).

People were informed that Dozhinki would be held in Smolevichi literally six weeks ago. There was not much time for preparation. Work was humming here even the day before the celebration.

Mikhail Zagortsev, chairman of the Smolevichi District Executive Committee:
Most of our administrative buildings like schools, community center and so on were reconstructed. It’s not about just painting facades. We were preparing for the celebration not only in the town. There are lots of paved streets in the district’s villages and houses are done up. All these 5,000 people who work in the field of agriculture deserve this reward.

This year it’s the 10th time in a row when the central region has become the leader of the harvesting campaign: almost 2 million tons were taken from these fields.

Farmers of 22 districts were working hard for it, so now we in the Minsk region have this loaf of bread for 2017-2018.

Dozhinki is not an ordinary honoring best workers. It’s also a kind of festival were you can enjoy performances and have fun.

People acted as statues and “came alive” for a coin. You could also play gingerbread chess and have a gingerbread as a prize. Of course, bread is still at the top of the table. Bakers’ skills were estimated visually and the best baker was named, too.

More than 12,000 tons of crop and almost 2,000 of winter rape annually – this is how the index of an advanced farm looks like.

Anatoly Isachenko, governor of Minsk region:
It’s a big holiday for people. It’s the result of what we we’ve been doing in the field of agriculture during the year. It’s a good and kind fest, it’s a bread fest.