Women's entrepreneurship discussed at international conference in Minsk

Women's entrepreneurship discussed at international conference in Minsk

The successful development of women's entrepreneurship is one of the main conditions for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, which are defined by the UN. This was said on October 10 in Minsk. Businesswomen from all corners of Belarus, officials, scientists, and foreign experts gathered for a meeting. 

For the first time, issues of economic equality and proposals are discussed in such a broad format. How to make the path of Belarusian women into business less arduous?

Marianna Shchetkina, deputy chairwoman of the Council of the Republic National Assembly of Belarus:
How to start? What conditions need to be created to start a women's business? This forum is held under the auspices of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Belarusian Women's Union, the Parliament, and the government takes active part in this forum. The majority are female entrepreneurs.

Marina Shalimo, founder and director of the design studio for tailoring shoes, a member of the Belarusian Women's Union:
This conference is designed to show women that they are not alone, that they are the same as they are and where to go and who to ask. This is the most important thing - to ask, decide and start working.

The discussion touches on such spheres as business, non-state sector and authority.