Sportsmen comment on disqualification of Belarusian weightlifters


Sportsmen comment on disqualification of Belarusian weightlifters

Weightlifting, doping, and disqualification-some see these words as undividable. Regular scandals do harm to the image of sport.

Belarusian weightlifters are working hard no matter what, because this sport has great traditions, and it usually brings many medals.

Starting from the Olympics in Athens, Belarusian weightlifters win more than one medal each. They are known and respected in the world. Certainly, Belarusian weightlifters are serious rivals on the international arena, in all age categories.

May be that is why Belarusian weightlifters are kept an eye on by all sports departments, including WADA.

Yuri Sonkin, doctor of Belarus’ national weightlifting team:
Combating doping is an absolutely right and only decision, Belarus will get over this decision of the international sport. We have enough of strength and funds to get train with the allowed pharmacology.

With every year the punishments of WADA are becoming more and more severe. These methods are supported by international federations. Disqualification of all team is another punishment.

Viktor Shershukov, senior coach of Belarus' national weightlifting team:
We are missing only the World Championship, we were ready for this. Belarus will alternatively be hosting the International Tournament of Brest Fortress Heroes, where all sportsmen will be competing. We will see how they will coincide with the World Championship, and next year we will build a team which will be winning licenses.

Morning training, everything according to the schedule, the silver medalist of Rio Vadim Streltsov is giving the tone. He has his opinion on the situation.

Vadim Streltsov, silver medalists of Rio Olympic Games in weightlifting:
It would be good to go through, because I don’t even want to watch the American tournament on TV.

So you had no surprises this year?

Vadim Streltsov:
Everyone understands everything perfectly well. They are also getting ready for the Olympic Games.

Belarus’ weightlifting team is full of winners, some of them are world champions, and others are champions of Europe.

Konstatntin Kurovsky managed to take the first place in the world among youth this year, and won the adult Belarusian Championship. He is only 17.

Konstantin Kurovsky, youth world champion in weightlifting:
In my opinion it is unfair. But what can be done? Nothing. We will get over these challenges with honor and will show in Tokyo in 2020, what we are worth.

The one year disqualification is certainly to be for team Belarus, but the question is when. While the final decision hasn’t been made, all athletes have a right to compete in the nearest competitions.

Viktor Shershukov, head coach of the Belarusian men's weightlifting team:
There are no official documents. Except us (I know) is Ukraine-everyone is heading for Europe. The team will be competing there, they are perfectly ready. The Championship of Belarus was held in Grodno not so long ago, where very good results were achieved- I am happy that the results were achieved by young sportsmen.

The more obstacles there are, the stronger the spirit is, and the Olympic rod awaits today’s young sportsmen. Having paid the debts of others, they won’t want to make debts of their own. There is no place for doping and intrigues in the new era.