Magic trees that grow in Belarus

Magic trees that grow in Belarus

Let’s return to the tree topic raised earlier in the program. Once there were Druids, the ancient sages of forest. They worshiped natural forces and even created a horoscope correlating the date of birth with tree species. However, people still believe in the power of trees. Alena Syrova has some curious facts about magic trees.


All people tell that somewhere in Polesie

There is an oak, so glorious in the woods

It is so high, that touches clouds with brunches,

And strong so much, hides in the ground the roots…


Elena Karas, resident of Danilevichi village:
It was a long time ago. This king-oak was planted even by our great-grandparents. Today it is about 600 years old.

Elena Mironovna speaks about the tree quite casually, while a great number of tourists and journalists come from far away to see the miracle of nature she is talking about.

Elena Karas:
The oak is slim. It is 32 meters in height, and about 4 meters in width. One year, his crown broke down.

The local king-oak is hiding in the heart of the forest. It is impossible to get to the tree by car. The road to the place of power, as the residents call the spot, is rather bad. Moreover, the area is protected. Another reason is that local customs do not allow driving in the area as well. In childhood, Danilevichi residents used to play near the oak. When getting older, they come here to ask the tree to bring them health.

Elena Karas:
More and more often people put their backs to the tree, so that their backs were as strong and healthy as the King-oak itself. Both young and old people should go on foot, not by car. You can go by horse as well. Usually people ask the oak to give them happiness and health. Then people also embrace the magic tree. It is impossible to do for one person, but four people can embrace the magic tree.

Sergey Kosynyuk, second class forester of “Malorita Forestry”, Brest region:
It is the oldest tree in Belarus, it is alive and, I guess, it will live more than one century.

The second giant tree in Malorita Forestry is 8.5 centuries. The King-oak is the oldest one in Belarus; it remembers the time Euphrosyne of Polotsk. Being of 15-storey building height, the tree is also the highest one in the country. There is even a lightning rod at the top of the oak.

Sergey has been taking care of the champion-oak for more than 30 years. He is sure that the atmosphere around the tree is really magic. So very often after work the forester visits the oak to gain strength from it.

Sergey Kosynyuk:
According to legend, it is necessary to lean on the three parts of the body against the oak to gain strength.

For his venerable age King- oak looks quite healthy and promises to delight Belarusians for a long time. Anyway, scientists do their utmost to preserve the unique wood genetic materials. They literally cloned it. Nobody wants the tragedy of the highest fir in Europe to repeat. The Green beauty stood in the Bialowieza Forest for 150 years. Three years ago, the 40-meter fir tree unexpectedly withered.

Azhelika Puzankova, head of landscaping services and green sector maintenance of “Minskzelenstroy”:
According to the data, the trees were planted in 1797. Luckily, a great number of trees on the area survived the war. So today there are a lot of old trees here. Some lindens are 200-300 years old.

The hectic life in the big city has rather bad impact on the old trees. So their health conditions need to be monitored regularly. They are so similar to people, aren’t they?

Azhelika Puzankova:
Specialists can identify plant diseases and pests of these plants. They can also give recommendations and do soil analysis.

It is hard to imagine that the oak to be even a little higher. Thin and smooth tree barely fit in the frame. Only the company of five people can embrace the King-oak. So, if you want to feel the energy of the magic tree, keep it in your mind.

Alyona Syrova, CTV:
There is another King-oak in Lelchitsa region. It is not the highest and certainly not the oldest oak in the country. But judging by the number of visitors’ names, written on his bark, this oak is the most popular. It is difficult to imagine how many desires the tree has heard.

If people like a tree, the age, the height and the place where it is growing makes no difference for them. Each of us has their places of power, and favorite trees. Isn’t it a good reason to consider them the best?