Days of Minsk open in Moscow October 10

Days of Minsk open in Moscow October 10

The economic, social and cultural capabilities of the Belarusian capital will be presented in Moscow as the Days of Minsk will start there October 10.

Traditional exhibitions and fairs of domestic goods will also be held.

One of them opened already on October 9. The Belarusian pavilion offers food and light industry products as well as folk crafts and even samples of agricultural machinery.

Yana Shipko, CTV:
The Belarusian capital will present its potential in Moscow on such a large scale for the first time. The Days of Minsk will feature concerts, exhibitions and even sports matches. While officials and businessmen are preparing packages of proposals, Moscow residents themselves are simply happy to buy something Belarusian.

The Belarusian pavilion in the Cheryomushki area in the south-west of Moscow has barely opened today, and the lines were visible from afar.

Svetlana Berezina:
I'm wearing a Belarusian coat and a Belarusian sweater, and I've been using Belarusian products for many years, because I really like the quality. All my friends buy Belarusian products, and I learned that Belarusians will be trading for a week from Monday. I came from Tushino to New Cheryomushki across all Moscow.

I already just bought these, so I decided to take them again. Great, and the price is good. Excellent shoes!

We are waiting for you very much, because we have been living here for a long time. You come to trade to this square every year and we always buy shoes, blouses, cheeses and sausage from Belarus.

Belarusian goods will appear on the shelves not far from the walls of the Kremlin on October 10. Meanwhile, experts from Belarus and Russia gathered on 9 October to discuss how to jointly promote our products to the markets of third countries.

Vyacheslav Sutyrin, Ph.D. in Political Sciences, editor in chief of the analytical portal "Eurasia. Expert":
It is necessary to develop mechanisms for stimulating exports, with joint exports of Russia and Belarus. That is, Russia and Belarus need to look for external sites, foreign markets in order to produce high-tech products. Especially if you look from the perspective of the possible entry of Belarus into the WTO, then, of course, there will be increased competition in the domestic Belarusian market.

Yana Shipko, CTV:
On October 10, the fair of Belarusian goods will unfold in the center of Moscow. Until late evening, Belarusian songs will be heard in different parts of the square near Kremlin. It is also planned that following the Days of Minsk, our capitals will agree on the exchange of experience in the development of infrastructure, medical tourism and deliveries of Belarusian foodstuffs to Russia for 2018.