Alexander Lukashenko signs decree on craftsmanship development

Alexander Lukashenko signs decree on craftsmanship development

Even less barriers in development of agroecotourism. The popular business in villages is receiving new possibilities.

Now presentations, anniversaries and banquets are allowed to be held at farmsteads.

Guest houses can also be built without changing the juridical status of the land. The novelties are introduced by the President’s decree. On October 9, 2017 Alexander Lukashenko signed a document which expands the list of craft activities.

Dmitry Matusevich, Deputy Economy Minister of Belarus:
We are expecting the amount of craftsmen to nearly double in the nearest time. It will allow our people to develop their craft activities, including in the context of the upcoming European Games. We need souvenir products, which before was brought from other countries.

However, it can all be made from local materials in local conditions, and profit can be made.

Craftsmen will be able to sell their goods through the internet. It is allowed to send the products by post and advertise them on social networks.