Belarusian wins Miss Wheelchair World-2017

Belarusian wins Miss Wheelchair World-2017

Twenty three year old Alexandra Chichikova is returning home with victory. The final of the Miss Wheelchair World-2017 was held in Warsaw at the previous weekend.

Hundreds of messages are on Alexandra’s social network page. The internet users are congratulating the young Belarusian with the title. Many people say that they had no doubts in her victory. People from all over the world supported her.

Photo: personal page of Alexandra in Facebook

Viktoria Shidlovskaya (a post in Facebook):
Alexandra –well done! She has so much energy, life and light in her, so many ideas, she is a real queen, a queen for life.

The professional community joined to the congratulations.

Svetlana Kuznetsova, Miss Globe-2017:
Huge work has been done perfectly. The main crown “Miss Wheelchair World” is coming to Belarus. Congratulations, Alexandra, from all my soul! It is our mutual victory!

Katya Tikota, designer:
Our Sasha is the best! We love you! From the very first day we believed in you and prayed for you. You are a wonderful example, a bright person. We hug you! I’ll be very modest; I’m the author of Sasha’s dress, in which she got the crown.

Alexander Chichikova considers it magic what happened in Poland. She still can’t believe that her title is reality and not a happy dream.

A month before the final show Alexandra gave a big interview to the Stolichnoe Televidenie Channel. During the interview she told her story and spoke about the main thing: “beauty has no boundaries. It doesn’t matter whether you are on a wheelchair or not, or you are different from the others, you are beautiful anyway”.

As many as two girls presented Belarus at the Miss Wheelchair World-2017.The model with ICP Angelina Uelskaya also presented Belarus in the final of the international forum.