How modern villagers live in Belarus today

How modern villagers live in Belarus today

Life in the village makes people be able to do many things on their own, and do them skillfully, like cutting trees, harnessing and unharnessing the horse and forecasting the weather without... Dmitry Ryabov, based just on popular signs (Ryabov is the famous Belarusian weather forecaster, who was fired in September 2017). In general all these skills make you the "ruler of the village!" Our special correspondent Anastasia Dekhtyar not only looked, but also joined the peasant life.

Anastasia Dekhtyar, CTV:
Each agro-town or village in Belarus has its intelligence headquarters or information desk. And this, of course, is a local shop... Hello, do you know who is "the ruler of the village" Bildyugi?


The Molokovy family. Good and hard working people.

Here one does not need navigators! The Molokov family house is immediately seen in Molodyozhnaya (Youth) Street, where agro-cottages have grown like twins. Special design with surreal iron characters, a mowed lawn and a mini-amusement park.

Ivan Molokov, resident of the agro-town Bildyugi:
This is what we've done. And the guard, so that the cats do not steal meat. It's a pirate.

From early dawn the father of the family is out in the field. He has a small private zoo near the house.

Ivan Molokov:
The children asked me, so I went to Novopolotsk and bought them the husky.

Ducks, chickens, Vietnamese boars... True polyphony (please watch the video to see more).

The ambitious Molokov family has been fighting for the title "The Ruler of the Village" for two years already. The family got those bulls as a prize.

While women are in the kitchen, men are in the field. While mother with three-year-old twins Anya and Nastya and first-grader Sofya are preparing breakfast, the elder son, sixth-grader Nikita goes to the yard to help his father. Locals are accustomed to work from early ages.

Ivan Molokov:
The children should be workers. If they are not able to work, then what will we get from them?

The history of the union of fellow villagers Diana and Ivan began two decades ago. 8-year-old Dina saw her neighbor Vanya going to serve in the army. Years later fate brought lovers to the altar. Now their family experience is 12 years. During these years, they moved twice. After 5 years in Braslav the family confidently decided to move back home to the agro-town of Bildyugi.

Ivan Molokov:
My soul belongs to the village, where we were born and grew up. I wanted to have my own farm. In the town, you come from work and lie on the sofa. I feel uncomfortable, I want to work physically.

Pizzas, hot dogs, salamis and other overseas delicacies are not needed here at all.

Ivan Molokov:
If our children want lard, we get it from our farm. Why eat delicacies? It's better to have your own. Girls live on potatoes, love lard and don't like meat.

Ivan finishes the morning inspection of possessions. And now he has rare moments with the family.

Ivan Molokov:
Prepare for me a costume for the holiday.

But the field calls again. The father of the family works as a machine operator in a local collective farm. Although the summer agro-culturation has declined a little, there is still enough work.

Ivan Molokov:
Hey, guys! How is it going?

Ivan Molokov spends more time at work than at home. As we in Belarus say, one season feeds the entire year. The picky weather dictates its own conditions. Sharkovschina district is a Belarusian virgin land. Uneasy climatic conditions in combination with heavy clay soils seem to always test local farmers. But they also learned to tame the circumstances.

While dad is at work, Diana is busy at home.

Nikita loves PC games like all his peers. But frivolous entertainment does not stop dreaming about serious things.

Nikita Molokov, a resident of the agro-town Bildyugi:
I want to become an archeologist! You can dig dinosaur bones! We went to Minsk for a robots show. Sometimes there are attractions and entertainments in the village too. I'm better off in the country.

The family goes to the local recreation center. On the eve of the holiday "The Ruler of the Village" they have to rehearse as much as possible. It's not a joke, because at the national stage they will defend the honor of not only their family, but of the entire region.

Day X comes. Glubokoe gathers competitors from all areas of Belarus to measure the power of the ruler, and determine who is the master of the ax and the master of the fields! And the Molokovs open all the cards. The secret of success lies in tasty food! The judges seem to like them!

In Glubokoye, the Molokovs became third. The winners were the Litvin family from the Minsk region.But the festive accordion subsides, the atmospheric charm of comic entertainment is dispelled and the titles for which they fought so fiercely are gradually forgotten. After all, each of them has its own philosophy of victory in this life.

Ivan Molokov:
My most important achievement is my family.

Diana Molokova, resident of the agro-town Bildyugi:
Even when we saw a log with my husband, if we do it asynchronously, nothing will come of it. And when we do it as one whole, it turns out easier and faster.

Ivan Molokov:
We thank our grandfathers for the skills we have now. Here we just make efforts and have desire for victory. Never give up.

Diana Molokova:
We love to work.

Ivan Molokov:
We want to bring children to the sea, to Jurmala. We have already made a visa.

In fact, all of them are the "Rulers of the Village", who conquered rural life by their labor, love and bold views on the boundless field of rural cares.