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Exhibition of Ernst Barlach and Käthe Kollwitz works at National Art Museum of Belarus

More than 200 unique sculptures, drawings and engravings: a unique exhibition opened in the National Art Museum of Belarus. The audience is offered to appreciate the works of German artists of the first half of the 20th century.

The most part of the exposition is made up of works by Ernst Barlach and Käthe Kollwitz.

The basis of their works are eternal themes of good and evil, love and hate, life and death.

Heike Stockhouse, curator of the exhibition "Ernst Barlach - Käthe Kollwitz. Overcoming existence":
The peculiarity of this exhibition is that we not only represent the art of Germany, we enter into a real live dialogue with the youth and exchange our ideas about the future with them.

Anna Karpenko, coordinator of the project "Face art - face future" in the Republic of Belarus:
During five Saturdays, one group will work inside the museum. This is a group of art mediators, which will hold exhibitions during school holidays. The second group is a group of video artists who will create their own video art during the same five Saturdays, which will be shown in a separate exhibition from 4 to 10 November.

The works of Ernst Barlach and Käthe Kollwitz are presented in Belarus for the first time. The exhibition will be available until early December 2017.

Exhibition of German artists of 1900-1950 at National Art Museum of Belarus