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Amazing facts: Book on post-WWII restoration of Minsk presented

The collection "Revived from the Ruins" was presented in Minsk. It includes more than 150 documents from Belarusian and Russian archives about the restoration of the Belarusian capital after WWII.

The book tells how Minsk revived from the ruins, changed its appearance and became one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Vyacheslav Selemenya, leading researcher of the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus:
Most of Minsk citizens today do not even know that the city was destroyed to such an extent. They somehow perceive that it was like this even before WWII. But if they see the photos that are published in the collection, if they read the documents, I think they will pay tribute to the people who restored the city in such short terms.

The edition is timed to the 950th anniversary of Minsk.

A considerable part of the documents is published for the first time. Soon the collection will appear in bookstores.

Amazing book on post-WWII restoration of Minsk presented