Food products in Belarus are excellent, Russians say

Food products in Belarus are excellent, Russians say

The taste of Belarusian milk, butter and cheese is well known in 10-million Moscow. Next week the Russian capital will host the Days of Minsk, with Belarusian fairs to be held in Moscow.

Mogilev breeders have already brought their calves. Here you will also see houses for youngsters of Belarusian origin. The taste of Belarusian milk is familiar to visitors of the exhibition without tasting.

Visitor of the exhibition:
Belarusian goods are very common, I am from the Yaroslavl region, and we even have exhibitions selling Belarusian products. We all really like it. And when I was in Belarus, the food was excellent, we took home several kilograms.

The largest agro-industrial forum will feature participants from all over Russia and the CIS. They brought there agricultural innovations and of course this year's harvest. And, it seems, Belarusian food is known in all Russian regions without exception.

Anatoly Mikhailov, businessman (Russia):
I'm from Mari El, I go to fairs. And I know your Belarusian products: cheese, sausages. Your President ("batska") is a good fellow, I am an expert in agriculture myself too and God grant you health, so that you can develop as well.

The stand of a Bobruisk enterprise alone signed contracts worth 300 million Russian rubles during the forum.

Magomed Magomedov, head of a farm (Russia):
The quality is better, and it's easier to work with your machinery. The most important thing for a farmer is how easy it is in operation. Belarus retained Soviet quality standards in machine building, you know.

Yana Shipko, CTV:
The Belarusian quality is famous here. That's the case when one does not even need advertising. In general, our customers are always welcome here. Moscow residents will have another chance to buy Belarusian foodstuffs during the Days of Minsk in the Russian capital. Since 2012, the capitals of Belarus and Russia have been visiting each other alternately in order to present their potential and find even more points of contact.

The fair will unfold in the very heart of Moscow on October 9. Here you can find Belarusian linen, cosmetics, utensils, treat sweatpots, sausage, cheese, and marshmallow.

Resident of Moscow:
I really like Belarusian dairy products. I often go to Minsk and always buy milk, cheese, especially cottage cheese. There are no Belarusian stores in the district of Moscow where I leave, so I have to search the internet. I am lucky to be now in the center at the fair of Belarusian dairy products.

The days of Minsk in Moscow are filled with cultural, sports and business events. The exhibition of the history of the Belarusian capital will open in the museum of Moscow, there will be a gala concert of Belarusian artists and a business forum. Thus, there will be even more joint projects between the two capitals.