Alexander Lukashenko: Today it is necessary to build and strengthen political, economic, humanitarian bridges


Alexander Lukashenko: Today it is necessary to build and strengthen political, economic, humanitarian bridges

Countries are connected not only by roads and railways, political and trade communications are important as well. So that there is something to bring and there are things to go for abroad by road or railway. Diplomats are the most important communicators in international relations. Therefore, ambassadors of different states present credentials to the president, the king-the first officials of a country.

As many as 11 representatives of diplomatic missions arrived in Minsk to the Palace of Independence for the solemn audience. It was impossible to see representatives of which countries were there. However, the Ambassador of Mali gave his arrival to the Palace a national touch. The state flags appeared on the cars only after the ceremony. From this moment on they will be de jure representing the interests of their countries.

Why credentials? It is not only a symbolic gesture of intention to develop friendly relations, but a requirement to believe in what the ambassador will be saying on behalf of his country. The President received credentials from 11 diplomats from different parts of the world-Africa, South America, Europe, Asia.

The more foreign diplomats there are in Belarus, the higher the interest to the development of cooperation of Belarus in the world. At the moment there are 52 embassies in Belarus, including the Order of Malta, and the EU missions. The diplomatic missions of the Netherlands opened this year in Belarus. The diplomatic missions of Austria and Turkmenistan opened last year. The diplomatic geography is constantly expanding.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Belarus is a peace loving, stable and safe country. In the dialogue with its partners Belarus always keeps to openness, honesty, equality and justice. Today, when the situation in the world is far from being peaceful, these approaches are especially valuable Belarus initiated a wide discussion on the Helsinki process under the aegis of the OSCE, which is aimed at untying knots between the countries in the Euro Atlantic and Eurasian regions. We are interested in the “Helsinki-2” project to be fulfilled. I am convinced that you will be able to contribute into create a groups of countries-associates in order to promote and implement the actual initiative.

Today it is necessary to build and strengthen political, economic, humanitarian bridges. To search for more common touching points, which will unite countries and nations.

Belarus is ready to develop cooperation on all the continents. Mutual interest can be found in small Djibouti, which could become the gates for Belarusian plants to the market of Eastern Africa, the South American Chili, where Belarusian dumping trucks and agricultural machinery will be in demand, and in Asian Laos, where Belarus can help with mineral resources extraction.

The Ambassador of Moldova to Belarus had no doubt when coming to Belarus. By the way, the neighboring with the embassy Dynamo stadium played its role. The Diplomat used to be a football player himself in the past.

Viktor Sorochan, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Moldova to the Republic of Belarus:
I played at many stadiums: in Mogilev, in Gomel. Reconstruction is huge work, the stadium will be nice. I visited Minsk 20 years ago. Of course, the city is not as it used to be then. It is pleasant that some kinds of events are constantly being held in Minsk, there are many economic forums, visits of European countries. These are internationally important forums.

President Lukashenko addressed Moldova first, when greeting all the ambassadors.

Viktor Sorochan:
I met Alexander Lukashenko for the second time. It is a person who gives very strong impressions. He has such huge energy, with which he charges everyone he speaks to. When the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, visited Belarus, the meeting was very warm and open; President Lukashenko gave much advice to the young Moldavian President, who was elected not so long ago.

Besides agricultural and industrial experience of Belarus, Moldova is adopting political experience.

Viktor Sorochan:
There should be presidential regime in a country, Without a concrete vertical of power it is impossible to bring order in a country. I like the power Belarus has now. The power is straightforward, it provides a stable life, and a person knows that he will get his salary tomorrow.

Being four months in Belarus, Viktor Sorochan visited all the regions.

Viktor Sorochan:
Moldavian tomatoes are certainly tasty, Belarusian cucumbers, are probably tastier.

There is still no direct flight from Minsk to Kishinev. Meanwhile, the interest of business is growing.

Viktor Sorochan:
Belarus is an example for others, because it managed to preserve its potential of the Soviet period and reform everything into what we see today. I visited many plants and farms. We would like Moldova to have many of the things Belarus has today.

The only woman among the newly appointed diplomats is the Ambassador of Sweden Christina Johannesson. Christina Johannesson studied at Moscow State University and she perfectly speaks Russian. It seems that she seriously intends to find common language here.

Christina Johannesson, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Sweden to the republic of Belarus:
Now we look into the future, it is high time to develop our relations, at all the levels.

Welcome to Belarus! And from diplomatic talks –down to business!