People’s view on Belarusian-Chechen relations


People’s view on Belarusian-Chechen relations

The business circles of Belarus and the Chechen Republic are already at a stage of realizing projects. The prospects of the cooperation were discussed by Alexander Lukashenko and Ramzan Kadyrov last week in Minsk.

The “hottest” topic is contacts in the industrial castor: the Chechen Republic got interested in Belarus’ experience of production development.

Ramzan is a young man from Grozny, he is interested in politics, and therefore, he followed the meeting of President Lukashenko and Ramzan Kadyrov in Minsk. And made conclusions: the prospects of cooperation, just as a global park, with many different paths.

Ramzan Abdurashidov, resident of Grozny:
I think that this is a fruitful trip for the Chechen Republic and for Russia as a whole, for Belarus as well. Many investments and projects.

Certainly, there are many mutual projects-the Chechen Republic has global interests-in the industrial development-the experience of Belarus, which did not lose plants, will be just right. And, in particular, the experience in buses. Grozny’s public transport park is full of old transport. Belarusian MAZ buses can be seen in Grozny, but only on one route.

Abdullah Istamulov, political expert:
The need of the Chechen Republic in those technologies and machinery Belarus has –half of the territory of Chechnya are mountains, the other half is fertile land.

Olga Osadchaya, CTV:
The So-called “political cleansing” is taking place in Russia at the moment: new governors have been appointed in a range of regions. However, political experts are nearly 100% sure, that the Chechen Republic doesn’t foresee such changes. It can be expected that the agreements made by Alexander Lukashenko and Ramzan Kadyrov will be fulfilled completely.

Belarus is known in Chechnya not only thanks to the political news. Dairy products from Brest, furniture from Pinsk and Molodechno can be seen in shops of the Republic. Establishment of joint plants is among the grand plans for the future. Besides the financial profit, it will solve the issue of unemployment in Chechnya. It is very important for a place, where it is normal to have four children in a family.

Khozhbaudi Borkhadzhiyev, chief editor of Gudermes district newspaper “Gums”:
The fact that two leader met in Belarus – it must yield good fruit. Ramzan Kadyrov has already said about processing Chechen oil at the refineries in Belarus.

However, it is necessary to remember about the specificity of the region, which cannot but influence any kind of cooperation. For instance, it is not easy for many countries to export meat to the Chechen Republic: here they cut it I a specific way. And the world perception completely differs from the one we are used to. Here are three ladies having break during a working day. Nothing special? Not for Chechen women though.

Roza Alibekova, Zara Iragimova, Leila Barsunkayeva, residents of Grozny:
Men are in charge of everything here. It took us a lot of effort for them to allow us to work. He works himself that it is not necessary for me to work.

However, the women are very happy about the start that two men and to heads of state gave to the global work. And for them, cooperation of Belarus and Chechnya is not large scale supplies and multimillion contracts.