President Lukashenko on quality of local roads

President Lukashenko on quality of local roads

The quality of local roads must be raised to the level of republican ones. This task was set by Alexander Lukashenko on October 6 during a working visit to the Slutsk district.

Today, 20,000 kilometers of the regional roadway needs to be restored and reconstructed. In April 2017 the President gave indications to analyze all the possible ways of building roads and to get acquainted with international experience in this sector.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Our international and republican roads are in more or less normal state, we have brought them to a normal condition, have spent much money, certainly, including on the second ring road. And so on and so forth.

However, we realized that we missed out roads of local importance. These are the roads that connect district centers with the entire region, district roads with agro-towns and so on. These roads are at the very bottom, people also live here and need them. And we need to help. We decided that, by the end of these five years, we must create a program for the revival and modernization of these roads, for putting local roads to order.

In the nearest time seven thousand kilometers of local roads are to be reconstructed. What is more, new technologies will be used, which will cause the need of new machinery. Considering the fact, Alexander Lukashenko set a task for Belarusian manufacturers to significantly expand the line of specialized machinery.

Alexander Lukashenko:
The technologies are wonderful. We have collected everything the world does, and we must go for it. We cannot flounder, as it has always been. Here it is-Belarus, the future of our country.

The roads in villages, at farms, where the pressure is high-to go this way in particular. Thank God Kalinin has finally understood that it is necessary to deal with concrete roads. They couldn’t be forced to!

The second ring road-for someone it is a ring road, it is good to drive there. However, for me it meant to make them take up these technologies and work with them in Belarus. Today they have understood that these are wonderful roads- I also assured myself. And we need to deal with this. It is not more expensive. Yes, we will first put more money into it rather than into asphalt concrete. But is it 50 years!

During his working visit to the Slutsk district, Alexander Lukashenko got acquainted with the situation at the “Rachkovichi” state farm. Alexander Lukashenko demands for strict discipline, especially what concerns work. The President paid attention to the irresponsible approach of certain farms to the sowing lands. Flying on the helicopter, the head of state noticed that big corn fields turned out to be flooded with water.